My short non-fiction story, Robin Hood of the Prairies, is published in the anthology of poetry and short stories, YYC POP – Poetic Portraits of People, ed. Sheri-D Wilson and published by Frontenac House.

The online launch happens tomorrow and Sunday – September 26 and 27. The poets and authors will be reading from their work, and readers can join us online. The link to watch is found on the editor’s website – I hope you can join us. My reading is scheduled for 3:40 p.m. There are readings by many noteworthy Calgarians (e.g. our Mayor) plus many well-known Calgary authors. Please join us!

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  1. Dear brenda, I missed the launch! I just picked my head up and checked my online email….I have been working like a trojan and am so happy to be making such progress to have my house and home all ready for autumn and of course for you – but I would have done this ‘deep clean’ anyhow, as for as long as I remember, and following in my mom’s footsteps, when it was time for a new event, a change of job, location, home, something, we had to ‘deep clean’ a way of cleaning the mind, and spirit, not just the home.

    so, the garage looks fabulous, there is kindling in the house and 2 more crates in the garage, the wood is full in house and in woodbox in the entry way and also a big bag of wood in the blue Ikea bag, and I don’t think you will have to venture to the back yard for more wood – but if so, what is under the tarp against the fence (not against the shed) has the best wood all cut and dried and ready to go!

    My goal is to finish tomorrow, so I can sneak to Elephant Rocks for one look at the larches – trudy may come, with me in the back seat, masked, and walking 2 M apart.

    There will be very little useful food here, as I was focusing on drying for Nunavut, but whatever is here, please use!

    I will swing by Thursday noon-ish to drop off a few masks, and the odd thing, so don’t worry if not home I will leave in mailbox. I have to be in Ramsey by 2:00 for a quick goodbye to be at the airport for 3 pm. Flight at 5 pm which means a decent time to get to bed.

    Brenda, over the years, you have told me how much you appreciated my creative non-fiction genre. I have taken it to heart. I pulled down my box of short stories, which got shoved up into the garage, bless Jamie Lawrence – how would he know which box of papers was crucial?

    I hope to scan them before I go, I re-read the first story ever published, when I was a nursing student. It brought tears to my eyes…

    So, it is a small beginning, but my retirement project draws me toward it – 1 or 2 more years…

    much love,




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