Welcome to my blog

I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting my website, and are as excited as I am about the impending release of my historical novel, The Art of Rebellion. Look for it in independent bookstores and on Amazon and Chapters online.

Over the course of the next several weeks in this blog, I’ll expand upon many of the fascinating facts I stumbled upon while writing the novel. My first blog, already posted, is all about detective cameras – miniaturized cameras developed in the mid- to late- nineteenth century that allowed for secretly photographing people or places – imagine a camera hidden in a hat or pistol!

My next post will explore nineteenth century hairstyles – for men and women. Discover what a “hair rat” is and how one was used, plus many more hair fashion tips from over one hundred years ago. I’ll try to spare you from some of the grosser details. 🙂

As always, I welcome your feedback! (See the Contact tab on my website).



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